Holding a lottery event!


Wed., Feb. 13 and Thu., Feb. 14

Price reception locations
Shibuya: WANDER COMPASS SHIBUYA (3:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m.)
Shinjuku: TOKYU STAY Shinjuku (5:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m.)

Purchase the TOKYO NIGHTTIME PASSPORT voucher, and get a prize!
Go to a prize reception location with your voucher, and get your prize from a lottery drawing! Get a chance to win a ¥100,000 hotel voucher for a night!

Applicable to anyone purchasing a voucher. Participation by those who have purchased a voucher in the past may participate with the voucher stub.

Voucher sale locations
Tickets Today booths, etc.

Winning prizes
First prize: Tickets to the Japanese inn Shiki No Yuzashiki Musashino Bekkan in Hakone. 2 winning groups of 4
Courtesy of Musashino Corporation.

Second prize: The world’s first wine glass capturing a colorful touch within
Glass Musée wine glass 6 winners
Courtesy of Narita Corporation.

Third prize: “Mt. Fuji Rocks” glass 2 winners 
Courtesy of Mars Planning Corporation.

Other prizes
Entrance ticket to Shinjuku spa Thermae-yu 20 winners
Ticket for 1 free hour at PUBLIC BAND KARAOKE PASELASTATION 20 winners
Free photo shoot activity at Shibuya Crossing 10 winners
Japanese hand towel 3 winners
Mini tatami mat and tatami-edged card case 4 winners
165-g bottle of cooking sesame oil (Tamashime-shibori) 5 winners
250-ml Cokes (3 original Shibuya bottles) 10 winners
250-ml Cokes (3 Tokyo bottles in original Shinjuku wooden box) 10 winners
350-ml beers (2 Ichiban Shibori bottles) 48 winners
Mintia 200 winners