Terms and conditions for use of TOKYO NIGHTTIME PASSPORT and this website


  • Vouchers can also be used by non-Japanese living in Japan.
  • Consumption of alcohol by minors below the age of 20 is prohibited. Purchase is only possible for customers aged 20 and above.
  • The TOKYO NIGHTTIME PASSPORT Administrative Office bears no responsibility whatsoever in the event of damage resulting from loss or theft of the voucher.
  • Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash, and change cannot be given.
  • Vouchers cannot be reissued, nor can refunds be given.
  • A single voucher (stub) cannot be used by multiple people.
  • Should use of vouchers be deemed no longer valid by the TOKYO NIGHTTIME PASSPORT Administrative Office due to situations beyond human control such as natural disasters, refunds will be made to credit cards used in payment of vouchers. Refunds are given only for the amount of the voucher.

Expiration date

  • Vouchers are valid from Jan. 7, 2019 to Feb. 28, 2019, and are no longer accepted beyond this period.

Use at participating locations

  • Instances may occur when holders may be required to wait before getting in, or use is not possible due to the location being closed, rented out, or no seats being available.
  • Be sure to present the voucher upon entering the establishment. If shown later, use of the voucher’s perks may become unavailable.
  • Options available with the voucher are subject to change. Please check for the most recent information on each establishment’s page beforehand.